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When Lord Richard met the barbarians, he finally realized that he needed to meet Dragon’s Claw Legion. It is one of the most impressive parts of the King’s army. And the one that remains loyal to the crown no matter what happens.

In the following chapters, we will see what are the next movements of the King’s rivals. It should be obvious that Lord Richard will use the influence and raw power of the barbarians to seize power. However, there is no chance he will fail as he counts on the assistance of the Dragon’s Claw Legion. There are others who also want to be close to this improved Legion, but they have little or no possibility of succeeding. Let’s see some more about the episodes of the Mightiest Lord and how they would transform into the best story you have even heard.

How Can Lord Richard Prove He Is Legit?

I refuse to be executed a second-time spoiler is the quote for all of them who have read the previous chapters. Lord Richard is the one that is at stake in this story. He risks being held by the Dragon’s Claw Legion and remains one of the main parts of the story. He has with him the armored guard of the King and a decree showing that the King has endorsed him to act on his behalf. There are also some other signs that can make him the best possible candidate for the throne. All the omens are with Lord Richard to capture power and become the absolute ruler of the territory.

Why do the Others believe that They Come on Behalf of the King?

I was reincarnated as a baby fox god spoiler is what most people like to state after they have read the chapters. Mightiest Lord is one of the masterpieces that you need to read for the summer. The other candidates who wanted to impersonate Lord Richard were all held in the stronghold of the Dragon’s Claw Legion. They have a falsified paper from the King without the original seal. That’s why they are suspicious, and the Legion’s chief keeps them in captivity. Most of them are rivals from different kingdoms who want to destabilize the King and promote their heirs to the throne .

Dragon’s Claw Legion Remains the Most Loyal to the King Army

Most of the time, we have seen the Dragon’s Claw Legion fight for the King. All the soldiers are there as direct appointments of the King. He knows their families, and he can eliminate them by the time they seek betrayal. That is why the Legion is one of the most loyal royal armies to serve the King and protect the territory from intruders .

Getting the Dragon’s Claw Administration May Mean Victory 

Everyone would love to have and seize the Dragon’s Claw Legion administration. Lord Richard is the one who wants to have the administration claim victory against the King. As he finally manages to meet the Dragon’s Claw Legion fighters, he is sure that they will follow him to the top of the world. Most of the fighters know that Lord Richard is the legal heir to the kingdom, and that is why they need to be a lot more careful with what they do or say .

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