Before the Attack of the Barbarians

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As the record of the mightiest lord chapter 5 goes on, you can view the main heroes preparing for the battle. In this chapter, you will see the female chief of the barbarians starts offering a cozy stay close to the lake. They have just resumed a fight for their freedom.

The female chief is there to propose that they take a bath at the lake. However, they all invite her to take a bath as well with them. It seems there is a sexual tension developing between them. That’s why one of the crew members, who is close to the female chief, offers her the chance to go to the nearest pond where she would be alone and away from the eyes of the other males. It’s one of the most impressive parts of the chapter, where you can see where the story goes. As we go through the chapter, we will see how the main heroes connect to each other and the way their relations become harsh after the battles.

They All Take a Bath at the Lake

Taking a bath at the lake was never so sensual as in this chapter. All the male Barbarian crew members get relieved of their clothes to show their naked, well-built bodies to the female master. However, she does not seem to be intimidated, and she rather wants to see more. There is a lot of sexual undermining in that chapter, something that you will not see in other parts of the Mightiest Lord series.

The Barbarians Are Ready to Attack the Nearest Castle

On the other hand, you can view the manhuaus chapter 5, where you will take part in what is happening in the nearest kingdom. There, they have all the plans plotted and the strategy to defeat anyone who will come to their castle. They know the barbarians are close, and they want to conquer their land and seize power and gold. It seems like they need to send messages to the King. So he will decide to help them and send part of his Royal Army to come and defeat the barbarians. However, they are not sure if the King has arranged an agreement with the barbarians to ensure that they will not threaten his power and they can go to other parts of the realm record of the mightiest lord chapter 5.

All the Defensive Preparations Happen Before the Barbarians Appear

Finally, by the end of the chapter we are allowed to see the preparations they do to defend their land in the castle. The local ruler wants to gather all the generals and warlords to the assembly and make them promise they will defend the land with their blood. That is a very touching moment to ensure that there is no disruption to the power. 

Defensive preparations also have to do with the fortifications of the castle. That is more important for them, and they want to protect the peasants who create wealth for the whole kingdom. The clash of knights will happen during the night, and they are waiting for the ambush of the enemy. It’s one of the most anxious chapters of the whole story, and you will have to prepare for the ultimate battle that comes in the next stages. The almighty may mingle and create a new order of state.


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