Devil Returns To School Is Frightening

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There is nothing more touching than reading the story of Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1. It is one of the most emotional stories you can view online. The main hero is the student who tries to stand up against the school bullies. He managed to punch one of them but then accepted the severe hits from them. He ended up falling from the rooftop, which placed him in a vegetated state. It would be nice to view the way the story ended in that awful situation and how the main hero tries to communicate the deal with the Devil to come back and seek revenge.

The Day the Accident Happened

That day, the main hero was ready for another class in school. However, the three bullies wanted to fight with other weak students for no reason. The hero wanted to fight against the bullies and made a huge mistake. They managed to get him to the rooftop where they made him fall. All this looked like an accident, but everyone knew it was an act of revenge on the part of the bullies. However, no one would talk about the incident as they feared for their life.

Bullies Are Still Moving Free

As we will read in the Devil’s return mere folklore the bullies are still moving free in the school environment. There is nobody to disturb them from bullying other innocent students. That is something our hero cannot withstand even though he is in a vegetated state. You can see his younger brother and his grandma holding his hand in the hospital, begging him to get well and come back from the dead. That is when he needs to make an arrangement with the Devil, sell his soul to him, and return to seek revenge for the bullies that terrify the school. He wants to make them pay for what they did and ensure they will not be able to do it again to any other innocent kid.

You Will Struggle With Your Self For Ten Years

As he manages to think and communicate with others, the main hero stays in the same state of vegetation for ten years. It is one of the most awful and stressful situations in the whole chapter. He is in a dream state where he wants to see what happens to his closest friends and relatives. However, he only hears the environment, and he cannot give any movement or say anything to show them he is alive and close to them. His family works to pay the bills for the hospital and allow them to be on the respirator in the hospital to keep breathing and be alive.

When You Come Back, You Will Revive on the Same Day

Finally, the chapter closes as the main hero realizes he lives again the same day when the accident happened. He pinches himself to feel like he is alive. That is when he manages to strike back at the bullies with the Devil’s supernatural power. It seems he is an assistant of the Devil and came back to show no mercy to the bullies. You will have the chance to learn more about the bullies and what will happen when they need to face the main hero, who is now a monster.


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