Lord Richard Goes to the Dragon’s Claw Legion

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As the story goes, we soon reach the latest chapters of the Mightiest Lord. As soon as you reach the record of the mightiest lord chapter 43, you can view Lord Richard being among the assistants of the King. He will be the one to reunite the kingdom. For that reason, he accepts the call from the King to go and view the war preparations. That happens only when he gets to the most specific and highly skilled war team, which is the Dragon’s Claw Legion.

Situated up to the mountains, they have a chief who is loyal to the King. However, many of them can get down to the valley and claim the kingdom. That is why it’s necessary to follow and watch their training by Lord Richard. However, what happens on the mountain is rather funny and odd. The sequence of happenings there can be the most incredible things that will occur in the following chapters.

What Happens When He Arrives There?

When Lord Richard finally arrives with his guard of armor at the Dragon’s Claw Legion place, he finds the chief to be pretty hostile against them. There is a suspicion in the air, and Lord Richard will never know what has happened before. The chief reads the decree of the King, showing that he is the legit Lord Richard who has the appointment of the King. On the other hand, the chief leads the two men to the room, with the other three claiming to be Lord Richard at the same time. The man does not know who to believe, and there is tension at the site.

Can You Get More Information About the Fake Men

In this chapter, there is virtually no other source of information about the fake men. You will never know who sent the fake men to pretend they are Lord Richard and take precious information about the Dragon’s Claw soldiers. On the other hand, Dragon’s Claw Legion has shown in the past signs of disobedience to the King’s quotes. That is why it’s possible that rivals of the King from other territories could have sent the fake men to pretend they were Lord Richard. It’s the most bizarre situation in the whole chapter, and you need to be prepared for the next one to see where the story goes.

Who Will Survive the Test of the King’s Testament?

Even though the quest towards destiny continues, you will still have many questions that have to get their answers. Will the Dragon’s Claw Legion become one of the salvation armies for the King? And if so, what could you do to make it more pleasant for the King’s rivals?

After all, you will want to see what would be the end for Lord Richard and the rest of his companions. He is the only one capable of reaching the throne and defying anyone to protect the King’s legacy. In the next chapters, you will see that everyone involved would be part of the conspiracy against the King. There is no excuse for the people who are close to the King who want to seize power for themselves and rule the country. The quest goes on even though it’s not easy to know who will be the final winner record of the mightiest lord chapter 43.

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